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Our parking systems

Bipark 26 Bipark 26: A Double Car Stacker System with a loading capacity of 2.600 kg. (5.700 lbs.). Developed to maximize the garages height and space otherwise useful for 1 car only.
Move 20 Move 20: Parking system for 4 independent cars, made up of two galvanised platforms set out vertically and securely joined together with a capacity of 4000 kg (8800 lbs) on each platform.
Move 30 Move 30: Electrical-hydraulic lifting platform designed for the transport of vehicles or other loads to different levels, either raised or underground, with a capacity of 3000 kg (6600 lbs).
Total Move 30L Total Move 30L: Electric-hydraulic lifting platform designed for the transport of motor vehicles or other loads on various levels, either raised or in-ground,with a capacity of 3000 kg (6600 lbs).
Rex30 Floor-to-Floor Lift: Innovative electro-hydraulic single scissor lifting platform for vertical lifting of goods and/or vehicles from floor to floor.
Mono5 Mono 5-10-15: Lifting platforms that are a revolutionary vertical transport system with completely hydraulic operation.